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Misha Ben David, L.C.D.C. , E.F.T. , C.I.S.M. , Clinical Hypnotherapist


That's me at my  ordination  in Manhattan in 2012..."The Recovery Rabbi"; 29 years sober, Clinical Hypnotherapist, a state licensed counselor, a certified life coach and a Jewish Renewal Rabbi. I've been counseling  since 1991. You need not be Jewish or have any interest in religion to use my services. I am a trained & certified life coach. I'm very well versed and highly experienced in counseling & coaching issues and techniques.additionally, I am a performing musician and use music and art therapy with many of my clients. If you need a kind soul who is both knowledgeable and sensitive to your needs and goals in coaching or counseling, you are in the right place. I have worked with divorcees, abuse victims, adolescents, couples, college presidents, people who seek to change their direction in life and those deeply enmeshed in addiction. Please call or email me and let's get to work!


What Services Do I Offer?


My eclectic style draws from the values of Dr. Viktor Frankl, Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls, and Alfred Adler among others. I am rigorously trained in many disciplines and have a wealth of tools and concepts that can help you. I am not bound to rigid concepts or philosophies.

Life coaching

I have two full years of training and supervision with World Class Coaches of Las Vegas in order to call myself certified. Coaching is not counseling and counseling is not coaching. Although I am well trained in both. If you require more information, please feel free to contact me.

Sobriety coaching

A specialized service for those new in sobriety or feeling challenged to get and stay sober. Again, ask me for details about how I can help you stay clean between sessions or meetings, or while travelling. I've been there, so I know what it takes.

Music therapy services

I use music and occasionally musical instruments to help manage emotional states. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but for some, it's pure magic, even if you aren't a musician.



There is a lot of nonsense in public consciousness about hypnosis. I don't deal in superstition, I use basic science to help with a number of problems. I explain everything I do and you won't experience anything "weird." I promise that excess weight, smoking, compulsive behaviors and much more can be history in 4-6 sessions.

For What Issues Do I Provide Services?

  • Depression

  • Life Coaching

  • Weight control, Smoking and Negative Habits

  • Improving Personal Communication

  • Anxiety

  • Career Counseling

  • Addiction (including sexual addiction)

  • Sobriety Coaching ( includes touring/travelling care by prior arrangement )

Neshama Counseling, Misha Ben David

About My Counseling Background and Approach

I have provided mental health services since 1991 when I started as an intern counselor at The Austin Men's Center. It was there that I became Services Director and remained for five years. I am licensed in the state of Texas as a Chemical Dependency Counselor, but as an ordained Rabbi and pastoral counselor, I see people struggling with depression, anxiety, sexuality and other issues. You will find me to be friendly and open-minded but ethically grounded. I believe that a person's creative sense - and we all have one - is often the key to resolving our problems. If you are an artist or musician, you will appreciate my 40 years of experience as a working musician and published songwriter. If you are more "left brained" you will like my no-nonsense approach to the issues you bring to the counseling session. Look, let's face it. Life is not about going to therapy. Therapy is about being in life, not hours spent idly theorizing and speculating at your expense. Further. I'm not everyone's counselor. If I sense a better fit with one of my many colleagues, I will see that you get to see another counselor who suits your needs better.

counseling services in the ausitn, texas area

Certifications & Training

I am trained in many counseling arts, and hold certifications in E.F.T., Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and C.I.S.M. I was trained and ordained by the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute of New York, NY, in 2012. I have been certified as a clinical Hypnotherapist since 1993, recognized by The American Board Of Hypnotherapy and added Advanced Certification in 1997. If you have questions about my training and experience, don't hesitate to ask.

Counseling Fee

I charge $90-$120 an hour, but in some cases can lower this fee under unusual circumstances, as my practice permits. I do charge for missed appointments without 24 hours notice and I do not take any type of insurance.

Setting an Appointment

Seeking to set an appointment? Just drop me a message via email, and, under normal circumstances, you will hear from me within a day during the week, and by Monday night, if it's a weekend. I take your time just as seriously as my own.

Rabbinical Services

As a Rabbi, I perform weddings, funerals and other religious ceremonies. As the folks at Levy's used to say " You don't have to be Jewish..." in order to make use of my services. I bless homes and business spaces, according to Halacha (Jewish law), as well. For my clerical fee schedule, just drop me an email.

What Does "Neshama" Mean?

The word "Neshama" is Hebrew for "soul" or "spirit." This reflects the priority I put on you as a holistic being, not just a body with a brain. It also reflects the essential, but elusive, qualities that you and I put into our work as client and counselor. I have an unlikely combination of skill sets, in being both a Rabbi and a counselor. Neshama is the one common element that influences everything I do, in either discipline. So you are Christian or Sikh or even Jehovah's Witness? Maybe you are an atheist. I work with whatever faith you have and I help you set sail on a journey where your particular faith will take you, whatever faith that may be. If G-d plays no role in your life, then we will determine what or who does. Your beliefs will define the work we do.

To contact me, please send an email to, call 737-237-4560, or you can use the form below to email. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter


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