Neshama Counseling and Coaching

(Neshama means soul or spirit in Hebrew)


So, you are checking out counseling help. Have you reached the right person ? I don’t know if i am who you need, but I know this: You have found one of the area’s more experienced and time tested professionals and if you should choose to contact me, you will get quality care and compassionate guidance, even if you ask for a referral to someone else. I am not in the mental health field to cash in. I’m here because I love to meet people’s needs and it has always come naturally to me, to do so.

"Hi, there, How are you? It's been a long time. Looks like we've come a long way."
- Joe Walsh

Please take the time to investigate your next health professional carefully. Ask me any questions you care to, either by email or phone message. Meet me, if you need to do that. I’ll do everything I can to help you, and I won’t take you on as a client unless I know I can give you what you need. I have very capable colleagues who may be better fits and I won’t hesitate to direct you to one of them, if they would work better with you. You’re in good hands. Relax.

If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you,
get started and please get in contact today!

Meet Rabbi Misha Ben-David

I have been counseling since 1991. I studied at the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute and graduated and was ordained in 2012. I continued to see clients during this time, but I added the discipline of pastoral counseling to my skill set. Spiritual values like kindness, sacrifice, compassion and tolerance are essential parts of my work, Doctrine and dogma are not. You need not have an interest in religion to find value in my work. I am just as comfortable working with atheists and agnostics as I am with Jews , Christians and other faiths.

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