I am available to assist you and your family/friends in helping an addict determine that they need treatment help. Intervention is a very sensitive procedure that should only be attempted with skilled professional help. You should be aware that interventions often don’t produce the desired result, because addiction is a disease that hardens people to getting help. We could do one perfectly and still have an addict wave the middle finger at us, But intervention is a last ditch effort to get the addict to admit that they need help and care to change the downward spiral their life is on. Also, the family needs to be receptive to being part of the solution, not part of the problem. I charge a flat fee for the intervention, plus any transportation costs. Please note that unlike most interventionists, I am not representing a specific treatment program. I refer addicts to the program I believe will offer them the best chance of success. Intervention is complicated and stressful for everyone, me included. it must be performed under selected circumstances, and I am the final authority as to how and when it is performed. Talk to me if you have questions.