Man’s Search For Meaning -Dr. Viktor Frankl

Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl survived day to day life in a concentration camp. He came to some rather unusual
conclusions about the nature of suffering and survival as a result. He went on to create
existential therapy, called “Logotherapy”. This is not always “easy” reading, but it’s compelling reading if you struggle with depression.


Chuck was a singer in one of the most popular bands on the globe in the 70’s,
but became enmeshed in a dark world of drugs, alcohol, money and fame. He barely found his way back, and now he serves as a mentor to musicians and others seeking help to get off the miserable road Chuck found himself on. Few have worked harder or travelled further to reach recovery than Chuck. If you need help outside the counseling session, you could do a lot worse than to read Chuck’s story.


The late Ray Manzarek was keyboard player with The Doors and troubled lead singer Jim Morrison. He watched Morrison descend into alcoholic self-indulgence, even while The Doors sold millions of records and made more money than they could count. Manzarek’s colorful writing style does a lot more than point out the downside of fame. It shows the relationship between creativity and addiction and how burdened Morrison was with both.
A fun, strange, memorable read about stardom and it’s pitfalls.


Addiction Treatment:

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